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Re: Problems with Hobs

senta wrote:Ever since Daw hit 185 he wont level with me. Please reprimand him.

I'll give him a stern talking too, maybe a 15 minute time-out, followed by me begging him not to kick me :D

Re: Nature Attunement

I think an attunement is a great idea, however as GhostLord said instead of boosting Damage it should boost Heals. The problem with what Regenleif and Ghost are saying, however, is that there is absolutely no reason to boost our healing skills. Why? Because leveling groups never need druids. Becaus...

Re: Nature Attunement

+1 to the idea of having a attunement skill. This is my problem with it, druids main role in end game and even middle game is healing, when was the last time your lvl 190 buddy whispered you "hey come help me deal damage to this boss." It probably hasen't. I think it would be more benefici...

Re: Scammers!

Like Armo said, there's no solution to this other than to not bet on dice, OTM have said they won't refund scams like this.

Problems with Hobs

Hello everybody. It has come to our attention that some members of Hobnobbers have been acting inappropiatly and killing people in arena. This is unacceptable in our eyes. Our goal is to spread happiness, joy and be as helpful as possible, if you feels a member of Hobnobbers has not expressed these ...

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