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Re: refund time

It depends on how many tickets are sent on that day, it can take from as short as 10 minutes(very rarely) to 7 days. Also on OTM holidays(like Christmas) you won't get a response till after the break.

Re: Fan fiction Competition

A Druid and Dragon-499 words(I think) I woke up dazed, with pains littering my body; a memory entered my mind of the previous day, the trials of the dragon slayers, of course! The dragon slayers tested all when they turned 16. And today I would receive the results. I decided it might be time to eat,...

Re: Sanctuary or shield of bark?

The good thing about sanc when soloing is that while it's active, your skills can't be interrupted. This is good to use with bark because mobs interrupt bark constantly. So if you cast sanc, then cast bark immediately after, it will most likely not get interrupted and you can cast bark while in com...

Re: Average Lix for a Lvl 120 Druid?

Thanks for responding so fast, I only get about 2 bars per lix if I'm lucky, is there a good build I could use to level faster? I couldn't find one for lvl 120 even with search bar. If you're soloing you'll get less xp than if you are duoing with a rogue/warrior/ranger. Mages a bit less than with o...

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