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Hi peoples, I'm looking to sell a couple of items, mail GhostLord in game if you're interested in anything.

Bracelet of life(15 health regen)
Fiery Axe of Triumph
Grand Ring of Ice Lure
50 Restos

Will be buying Focus of the Seer after i sell some things

Re: Selling

DontHate wrote:What are the lvl req and prices of the rings of lightning (zealot i guess) and the green winter quest items (lvl70)

They're charms, but lesser is 65, greater is 115, and royal is 135. As for prices im taking offers, dont really know prices here on Herne


Hi Guys, I recently transferred to Herne and i was looking to sell some items: Instruments/Weapons Frosty Lute(most common) Frozen Flute(third rarest) Adamant Cleaver(axe) Stave of Storms Apprentice Mace of the Grove(2o vit. protective stance +2) Deepfall Opal Icon(Druid) Master Bow of the Grove(35 ...

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