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Re: Wanna join a clan

Calm down guys, there's no point to this arguement. If you want to let him into your clan, go ahead, if you don't then don't. Don't make a big deal out of a small detail.

Re: A Druid's Dilemma

Keep on going! More plat buyers means that items like xp lixs and energy sigils are more common, it also means that when people buy the lux we mentioned above and out grow it, you can swoop in and buy it for a good price. It also gives you a good amount of people to level with.

Re: A Druid's Dilemma

If you can't buy sigils or get lux, then you're left with meditate, however, meditate only regens energy when you're out of combat, so it's not as useful, my recommendation would be to try to heal and cast smarter, if you're at a boss fight, applie strangling vines and then let the dps whack away wh...

Re: Transfer from Arawn

Hi Midnite! Hope you can find a transfer soon... Common plat items: Combos: 8k XPs: 4k Restos/Idols: 100-200g Hastes: 2k HP/Energy: 1k The top clans are Ancients and Syndicate, however, as we are a multi-clan server, you don't have to be in the top clans to receive drops, you just have to be lucky. ...

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