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Re: Gwydion's Top Players per Class

Darkrevenger wrote:Indi...is a clan roster with everyone who's is in the clan going to be posted or is it just going to be the top players? (even though some have been inactive for a long time)

Have to wait awhile for this :) I will post them if there is consensus in the clan.

Gwydion's Druid Pictures

Indira and Garrett taking on Ducarius
druid1.PNG (240.79 KiB) Viewed 705 times

Lightning doing 125 damage. lol
druid2.PNG (242.54 KiB) Viewed 705 times

Successfully killed Ducarius!
druid3.PNG (232.35 KiB) Viewed 705 times

Re: Gwydion's Top Players per Class

degree of player activeness *satisfactory **fair ***good ****excellent no star: inactive Class: Druid (BEST CLASS!! :lol: must come first) Name/level Indira***, 71 (Solitaire) Garrett2****, 69 (Solitaire) Zander**, 52(??) (PLAGUEofWAR) Buddapest**, 46 (BloodGrove) EpicHealTime***, (TheMOB) *********...

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