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Re: Lugh takes down Mordris

Scatha wrote:
PuppetMaster wrote:Onion, gwydion has not and probably will not for quite some time. All of the high levels are split into 2 clans and refuse to work together.

Guess you got that one wrong just a wee bit, eh Pup?

This is vastly entertaining for me.

Re: Top clan relationships

To be honest, if you want to talk about why we cant work together its because of a small minority of people. I dont mind helping about 90% of your clan, but its that 1 out of every 10 people. That 1 person, be in high authority or not, rubs off and decides to do things, and others just join in beca...

Re: Hi Indira


as far as i know, jj has been busy with her family as well as looking for a new house and job.
gren is busy with selling his business and planning on transferring countries. so i imagine he is pretty busy with various things related to those things.

Re: Hi Indira

sometimes i read the news on here. though it seems nothing much is happening save for the party that just ended today. :) not much in gwydion world to comment on. no serious or meaningful discussions that can hold my interest for long. i miss jamie and gren commenting in here. they are great at conv...

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