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Re: Who is YOUR favourite youtuber?

Freddiew and smosh (also like Kyrsp33dy, pewdiepie and amazinglife247) Yes yes yes ! I don't really watch PewDiePie, but Freddiew, Smosh, amazing films and KAY WHY ARE SPE THIRTY THREE DEE for sure. :D Also, friends of KYR SP33DY such as NobodyEpic, Deluxe 4 and Jahova. As well as SeaNanners and Ca...

Re: *Name Removed* is a SCAMMER

Lol, my bad. As you can probably see, that was my first post on the forum.. Do not name and shame other users. Please use the in-game support tool to report a user (and other accounts if you wish). I understand that you're just doing your job, but I mean he's scammed countless people over 3 accounts...

*Name Removed* is a SCAMMER

As the title says. If you didn't know already. Since he's denying and all that, here's a few screenshots taken today. *Images Removed* He's also known as *Name Removed* and *Name Remived*. He tried doing this scam on my main, Armo (using *Name Removed*) and I'm pretty sure many others can confirm hi...

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