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Re: Sacrifice/Attunmnet

ToFat4Fun wrote:35/35 attune did another 500 extra damage for me (800 focus)

Are you certain of this? Or was this pre-patch or something. My 32/30 attune gives 847 extra damage and I only have 778 focus...

Re: My Fire Build

I would suggest incinerate/cloak (maybe cloak better) over firestorm (personally I disliked storm due to cooldown and potential AoE aggro attraction, and not affected by lure). Apart from the fact that you're wrong that firestorm isn't affected by lure (Tested this in arena. Hit a friend 3 times wi...

Re: Ice and Fire build

I run fire build. 30/30 fire bolt 30/30 fire storm 29/30 fire attunement 17/30 lure of fire 17/30 energy shield 16/30 energy boost 16/30 lure of assassins Not including rings. Works very well, better than how I find ice, especially after the massive damage reductions. This is my build at level 149, ...

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