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Re: can Android beta testers share teasers or pics from live beta?

many many thanks Robbo5000!! plus bonus presentation comments for each image . I think u just did Muldars work for him XD :lol: I don't like that hanging midsection thing on samurai fash though some incredible work went in there but second fash super classy! it gives off that revamped I-don't-like-s...

Re: can Android beta testers share teasers or pics from live beta?

Open Beta so you can share screenshots :) Please try to keep discussions / feedback to the beta sub forum however as it makes reviewing easier for the team. Cheers Are the beta forums open to all? Or did you guys only open it up to those signed up to beta? If it's open to all then there's a few pos...

Re: Hacked

SHould OTM pay attention to these noobs shouting ACCOUNT HACK and STOLEN ? NO! Most probably an account seller trying to keep the money plus get the account back. Even if there's no proof in game most transactions take place on social app networks like LINE, BAND etc. So that there's no trace that t...

Re: XP Pendant

if OTM gonna take time to adjust Xp pendants for one or two players, then I demand u also finish the graphic job or lack thereof on the 100/50% mounts . here talking about the 100/50 % ( so called the best) arch fiend wings, the 100/50% warthog staff n so on. They look like 10% mount and Have zero a...

Players using disability or autism to put pressure on players or OTM

This post is Due to the recent topic about an autistic kid getting scammed and that it was being used as a levy to put pressure on OTM to ban a player. if Your case is true and authentic I am sorry . I am an overprotective person and when my kid brother (7) got fooled Ingame I was very frustrated th...

Re: Next battle mount

Wardon-CH wrote:The next mount will be a gorilla. :D

right on! They already perfected the gorilla walk animation . (Otherworld stone golems or should we call them stone gorillas now)

Just need to add some furry fur on it. And job done!

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