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Re: Best solo class?

there's no good class to solo for efficient solo levelling its mages/warriors for rogues its only effective before carrow for boss soloing- warriors/druids/ranger for emptying your wallet id go for rogues u should never join servers with 1 dominating clan so no Arawn or Morrigan, u can either join ...

Room for a Druid?

I was thinking of xfer-ing from Morrigan and I'm debating on either here or Herne. 190 Rogue and 182 Druid on my old server and I wanted to know what it's like here on Epona. I would be making a Druid and be a fairly high level quickly with the amount of plat I buy. Thanks for the info :) What are t...

Re: Best solo class?

I have a level 190 rogue, and 182 Druid, then abandoned 101 warrior and 105 ranger. Out of those, my rogue was definitely easiest to solo level but started killing off my pit supply, so she got exiled to the life of a locker. Druid is much harder to solo but gets gear very easily, and I can almost a...

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