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Re: Mordris's Gift

Nice guys but no one cares, not even OTM -> see ranged combat gear from Gele Ranged gear is op, 99% endgame rangers are dex and skill based ones with Longshot and sharpshot, so makes sense man. He said ranged combat..like the ability dude.....and we refer to those two skills as longshot and sharpsh...

Re: Melee Class Skill Discussion

necro is arguably harder than proteus. Lol? Prot prime can be beaten with a group as little as 10 people due to being able to bolas the rage, try taking Necro with 10 people :lol: :lol: Easier to zerg maybe. Personally anyone who attempts either with 10 ppl is just dumb and I'll leave that to gwyd ...

Re: Melee Class Skill Discussion

Friddoo, our rogues didn't drop anything and rangers have been head to head dps wise with rogues for years. Even before the update at level 190 Rangers had the majority of mord and necro kills. I'm arguing that your statement that rogues are first and rangers are second is wrong. necro yes rangers ...

Re: EDL Aura confirmed with (first) Full Doch Gul set

Im very curious to see how these sets work against prot and gele as a ranger. The little to no armor and very low elemental resist is somewhat concerning. Yes the extra strength/dex points given will allow you to dump a lot of points in vit. Just seems like any chaos aoe or skill hit that lands will...

Re: Mount prices

fr3gryf wrote:Fashion is what it is;) people will always pay mad cash to get the best look:)

Personally I think the best fashion is allowing people to gaze upon your chiseled pixel body 8-)

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