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Re: heehaw

Jake408 wrote:Who is heehaw? He is part of the admins group on forums, but his name is not red, and has 0 posts.
I have found the person you are asking about. Well, thing.

Re: Clarification

I totally agree with the OP. Like as a member of trans said today in the arena 'we don't want peace' and then there was a ret that shouted 'we always want peace'- obviously the system of ret and trans is slowly breaking apart and people are going 'rogue' in their own clans to continue the war.

Re: After all i heard

If what you describe no longer happens, or happens rarely, then what is the point of your complaining about others getting in your way... Also, having an alliance doesn't make you someone's puppet. In Jah we are free to do what we want. It actually does happen, but not as often because now we can s...

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