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Re: I've quit/goodbye

Candies wrote:Wait.... In US time that's 2:30 am.. O.o

It's in the middle of the night.. aww crap..

Sorry but unless I do on weekend then thats what happenin xD

Re: I've quit/goodbye

Hello guys, I remember now that I did not give my items to people, which seems to be a waste. 6:00pm Aus EST (could be a random day)I will be giving away things in castle.

I've quit/goodbye

Hi guys, just telling everyone I am now done with CH and have quit the game. I am definitely not coming back due to the need to focus on school. I will miss all the people I've met throughout the servers. I've had a great few years, made lots of friends and hads lots of laughs and fun. A special tha...

Re: Play dead in arena

malky70 wrote:Imo, no skills should be even nerfed in the arena, let alone disabled. With nerfed skills, pvp isn't a true measure of your character, without rebuilding everytime you want to do different things.

Lmao a rogue can literally sit there waiting to regen on play dead while you can't do crap.

Re: Is this good? Or no?!!!

Candies wrote:They look pretty decent, but u should have about 400 vit and 300 strength and the rest in dex. I would test out builds. I would love to be lvl 200 and put all stats on dex and see how that would work out.

Why would you want 400 vit.

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