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Re: All hope gone..

And yet still no reply off OTM on there opinions on this issue. They've already said they haven't been ninja patching any loot changes or boss modifications so many times. I know I'd be sick of responding to the same conspiracies weekly. On my server we kill bosses just the same as before so the is...

Re: All hope gone..

OTM is doing nothing at all to make this game fun for any of us every single server reset or patch is just making bosses harder to kill and by doing so they are making us weaker not only by switching to this terrable engine of nothing but lagg and problems after months of using it, the idols that ON...

Re: All hope gone..

+1 i just sent email to support website at one thumb mobile

Its really annoying and alot of people getting bored of not being able to kill bosses so going inactive making it even harder to kill end game bosses

Skills Evading

I was wonderring if my lightning strike evading 2 sometimes 3 times in a row on mobs my level or vines evading quite frequently is something I can fix myself or if its a game issue its really annoying when solo leveling a druid ive gotten to 121 no problems but at the greyish ghosts evade after evad...

Re: GhostLord's Guide to Druid Leveling

2 vit 3 focus is meh ive leveled druid from 1-120 solo so far no groups off 4 focus 1 vit Does howl wind really use dex?!?!? :0 never checked Other that i would say roots vines lightning swarm nt ( embrace or swarm) or if want more dps do like to did add storm touch for awhile worked on ghosts trees...

Re: Hi

Gotten better not as much bs lately

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