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Re: Bye

U didnt quit u attention goddesses i just saw u at mordy Was helping because was bored and had nothing better to do and knew they could use the help with you dragging trolls and wyrms and trying to mess it up like normal and not attention goddesses -.- even if left clan there still like a family to...

Re: Bye

Cmon bud......dont leave me here by myself You Matches and Diablo and a few more are the only people who are my true friends... Sorry just need a little break to think things over ive always been independent/phlagmatic so I tend to be more optimistic about problems alone and more pessimistic around...

Re: Bye

Good bye old friend... You had a messed up humor but we had fun anyways :) have a good one and check in here and there why don't ya. See you around. My humor has always been messed up because im silly but whatever dosnt matter anymore Im erasing myself starting from scratch, im uncertain but who ca...

Re: Bye

XxDiabloxX wrote:Bye Sky :/ Gonna miss you. Hopefully you will come back soon and have a better life.

Sorry will visit but need break


Im done cant put up with life anymore cya wont be on awhile if mortimer wants his mount tell him pm me on here

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