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Re: Crest Drop Rate Changed?

6* Frozen Bosses used to drop 2 crests, and now only drop one.. Was this deliberatly done or a mistake? Crests were already a pain before, now it's gonna be hell :( Normal 6* = 1 crest, 1 orb + ring Mega 6* = 2 crests, 2 orbs + ring drop Lvl 110 All Seeing or Lvl 120 All Knowing Lvl 115 Swamp Lord ...

Re: Scammer warning

JTF Thank you for listing my initials, dread. and yea guys... be afraid of me rawr You make it seem like I'm trying to trust something other than another human being, not everyone is the typical scammer you think if you lend them items, in some cases they are but the majority of the time they aren'...

Re: I'm not even playing much

JenTheFirstOfEpona wrote:
Landoril wrote:.

some guy named jenthefirst... did some nasty scamming. be careful i heard he's still playing but maybe he just doesnt give a damn anymore idk

Smh, this is clear proof of how lax OTM's policy on scamming is. A scammer can openly admit to scamming and still walk away freely.

Re: 150 Wyld sun ammy overpriced?

I would say the wyld ammy is definitely worth buying if it was cheaper, say around 1-1.5m instead of 2m+. 2m+ can be worth more than $100 which is insane if you were to ask me. Its quite obvious that the ammy is way overpriced considering its not rare because of the huge supply or them. If it was m...

Re: 150 Wyld sun ammy overpriced?

On balor, the bid on one is up to 3.8 mil. It's up to the buyers to determine worth. If no one was offering 1 mil+ then it wouldn't be worth 1 mil+. For a one slot item that a level 150 can used (same as stargem), it's one of the best ammys out. I'd rather have that than a set anyday. I could use t...

Re: 150 Wyld sun ammy overpriced?

I just noticed that my Jalan Stormleaf set has nearly the exact same stats of a 150 wyld sun ammy... They both add 1k hp, Jalan storm set offers more str than the wyld ammy but the wyld ammy gives more dex, Jalan storm set also gives defense and attack, Jalan strom set gives a good amount of spell ...

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