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Re: Resurgence members selling drops

To the OP: I think your concern about Resurgence members selling drops is unwarranted. The obvious idea behind no-sell rules is preserving clan power/dominance. The sale of dragonlord quest items is pretty much a paper cut to the overall strength of your clan, for the reasons stated in my reply abov...

Re: Resurgence members selling drops

Bigg, your intentions are good, but please tell me this part is a joke: Don't worry gabee, me and my friends in Braves will keep in eye out for those sellers. I can only imagine how stressful this must be to your clan , I do feel sorry for those in your clan that are having difficulties getting dl q...

Swan Buying Mage Aggy Drops

This thread is in response to this comment: I don't think anyone is that stupid to pay 800k for an aggy brace.. As well as Gabee's post about how no Resurgence member is permitted to sell drops ( http://celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=55854 ). I will keep all drop sellers anonymous...

Re: Name Fakers 0.o

I have this problem too, but on my alt. Someone made Elsa with an uppercase 'i' instead of the Elsa with a lowercase 'l' that I have. When I found out about this, I went and reserved E1sa just in case. I believe that OTM is going to change the system font in the new engine (whenever that comes out),...

Re: arawn to android

Swan, a lot of players on arawn know dented and know he is a trustworthy person. If he wants to swap 1,3m gold for 4k plat on android it is his choice. I know, I'm not challenging his integrity. I'm just saying that from a plat buyers perspective, it is much easier/simpler to sell plat for gold on ...

Re: A Sweet Find

Ok I've had my fun :)

The red glow happens when you equip a celestial dragonstaff and zoom in all the way. You can see the dragonstaff icon and the cargo chest name in the original non-edited pic:
IMG_02212.jpg (199.23 KiB) Viewed 391 times

Re: fact or rumour

I wasn't there when it happened, but word on the street is that a certain someone stole a clan bank and founded a new clan. I avoid names to avoid drama. If you would like to learn more, simply type "phur bank" into the search bar at the top right. Just skim over the first two pages of the...

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