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Re: Nuada downs dino

Chaotic wrote:
Curry30423 wrote:Grats! It is pretty surprising considering how new nuada is/recent bans and what not. Gives hope to other servers tbh. Dino is still broken tho @VR._.

What do you think is broken about it?

You can’t kill a boss raged for 25 minutes and think it’s perfectly fine lol.

Re: VR, if I get...

Difinitus wrote:I'd be more impressed if you operated a rescue group in CH to retrieve chickens from other players and ensured their safety and eventual release back into the wild.

Does it count if I say I’ve already been doing that by ksing and reporting players who refuse to hand the chickens over ._.

Re: Celtic heroes movie

I’m kinda imaging it being like The Hangover, with Bob, Criminal, Swee and Eragon trying to work out what went wrong after over doing the lixes. I don’t think Crim would lower himself to hang out with those noobs You may want to lay off the lixes my dude, you are starting to sound as crazy as what ...

Re: The Dino raid.

- 1 orb until rage, 2 after rage - Always same orb spawn point but different paths - Decrease negative energy timer 20 > 10 - Decrease negative energy hits 3x > 2x, 1x - Decrease hit power of 4* adds - Increase TP limit to 30 or 35 - Fix invisible orbs - Prevent griefers abusing TP limit - Make bos...

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