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Re: About a wrong purchase

Double refunds may complicate it slightly, but Support should still be able to help you out. It’s possible that they are more backed up than usual right now because of Christmas, but should respond shortly, especially if it’s been a week since your first message (sending multiple support in-game tic...

Re: Old engine

How awesome would it be if you could choose old engine or the new one, anyhow i talked to an admin a while back ago and he told me the old engine was long lost... i really loved the old engine, it was the graphics and that the weapons was actually held in the hands (i know you could still have them...

Re: Warhammer

When does warhammer come out? I have 10 grand burning a hole in my pocket waiting for it. Sick of this doing wheelies hell hole celtic heroes Any information related to Warhammer: Odyssey will be posted in their forums, not here. This (the General Discussion) subforum is for topics related to Celti...

Re: Account creation

You can always try restarting your phone, uninstalling/reinstalling the app, and/or clearing the cache (if on Android). If all else fails, send an email to support@onethumbmobile.com and they may be able to help figure out the issue. It looks like it's trying to create a new account instead of loggi...

Re: Portrait of My Toon

Angmar Reid wrote:
Mind wrote:Wow! That looks great, especially the mail (or is that a turtleneck? Lol kidding :D).

Yes it’s a turtle neck! It’s just made of chain mail. See, it has two purposes: protection and fashion. ;)

Blitzen would approve. If you don't get it, leave me to my nerddom ._.

Re: Uh

I can't see any mobs oh nu D: I use bluestacks, is it only a bluestacks issue? Just logged in, can confirm that the mobs have not all decided to rise up and escape the game to terrorize humanity. (yet) Have you updated anything between the last time you logged on and now? Has it only been a short t...

Re: buy golden camoflarge charm or xp pendant 500 chest

A camo charm in and of itself, without considering anything else in the game (skills/slots/consumables/loot) is useful almost everywhere. It’s 80% camouflage - it’s not useless, but it is prohibitively expensive, insanely rare, and definitely overrated for the price it tends to go for - I think ever...

Re: Lanrik Event?

My guess is that the Ostara/spring event probably will include Aeon Lanrik fashion - though all we have is guesswork until the actual event comes out, which probably won't be until closer to March/April (also just a guess lol).

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