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Re: The Dino raid.

Do dead people count towards the number of people in the area? This seems like an issue to me...especially on servers where there are likely to be griefers - whether an opposing endgame clan, or just some random player who just wants to hurt the attempt for some reason or another. It would make more...

Re: Spirit mount question

ShynxofHerne wrote:Hey just have a quick question.. do i need the most expensive battle mount tiered up to level 6 to turn it into a spirit mount or does the 1 mount token mounts work?

It has to be the highest tier, the most expensive ones (4 tokens per level 1).

Re: Any Airsoft Players Out There?

This sounds pretty dope. Never played airsoft never even heard of it u til now I'm not gonna lie. It sounds like lazer tag but with soft foam bullets instead of lazers? I'd be interested in seeing these guns you use if u could ss and upload them? Airsoft is a little bit of a misnomer actually, it’s...

Re: Rogue vs Mage - WHO IS BETTER? (fast levelling up)

rogue is the fastest leveller in the game but expensive, warrior second fastest and cheap, mage third and cheap. Ranger and druid both suck. Oi, answers about Warrior and Druid aren't accepted, and you aren't supposed to mention Rangers :lol: Rogues are definitely the fastest levelers, provided you...

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