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Re: Dead servers

I’m not saying it’s down to the people what I am saying is I’ve seen the likes of Rosemerta and Epona amongst others recruit both new and transferring players by making pro active efforts to do so with good effect at various points. Rosmerta can't even kill dino? Nice arguement I think one possibly...

Re: When you kill like 5k bears and one of these finally spawn

What do those braclets do?:) Never seen 1 of them on our server There's 4 different drops, all have the same fishing stats, though the Dex/Vit/Str/Foc combination is different for each one (same stat points though). https://celticheroesdb.com/_images/item/65106_Wrath-of-Ursa-Bracelet.png

Re: Login issues

Support will be able to help ya out! They may take a couple days to reply though, and unfortunately they don’t work weekends. If you sent a ticket in on the 11th, you should hear back early next week, if they are getting backed-up on tickets again.

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