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Re: I Apologise

Even though at this point in my life a lot going on so if you havent noticed ive been inactive. I wouldnt apologize* for anything were grown and imo apologies make you look weak. (unless your wrong about facts) Im happy for you all though i hope this summer event does change the outlook and im sure...

Re: Drama

At times like this people need to call out the troll sign for Krypto. He is trying to revive a topic that is long gone and settle. I do not see the point of his post.

By the way, attacking a leader of Res when he doesn't read or post here is not cool.

Re: Resurgence members selling drops

While I do agree that bad things happened in past. But the constant reference to this past incident is not going improve anything and in fact is getting tiring. I think people should move and learn that this is a game to enjoy and not constantly be stuck in past. What will be ideal is for everyone t...

Re: Resurgence members selling drops

One thing i said in the start of chosen was " we arent a anti res or a res hate clan were a bringing arawn back clan " . Also another rule i tell people when i recruit is respect everyone on the server no matter the clan. If we were out to destroy your clan there are many ways to spoil yo...

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