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Re: Is this a bug?

The cloak skill not lasting was a bug. The mobs in that room were designed to have a cloak skill that started at spawn and lasted indefinetly. There was a bug however causing them to lose the skill after 5 seconds. The bug is fixed so now the cloak skill acts like it should've from the begining.

Re: people of herne

Bagels wrote:I wouldn't say the war is raging on. It is actually pretty quiet. Just a few mudslingers on our side. Nobody from infection has said anything bad to me in months.

I tell you donuts are better than bagels whenever i see you.

Re: Whos your best mate on Herne?

Curry30423 wrote:
lopsam wrote:Awe Love all you guys too.. I don't think I could list even half of my *best mates* without forgetting a ton, I consider most everyone in herne a friend of mine :)

Nu I'm the best I have dibs :l

I had dibs, knew him before you.

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