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I don't know how others feel about this but I really don't like all the hamster pellets talking that happens between the end game clans. I could understand a little bit if it came with more friendly intention but this isn't friendly in the slightest bit. I know Elite and Wolfgang have been the two p...

Hey guys its been awhile:p

I decided I would share my Mabon past as Ace did:D I started playing just as the Stonevale update came out and to be honest there were a few times where I stopped playing the game. I was just as noob as most players chilling in the castle and occasionally doing quests. I didnt really understand how ...

Only if...

Who else wishes OTM would release update today or tomorrow so us people who have jobs or go to school could have the weekend to enjoy it? Its kinda like having to wait a whole nother week:/

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