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Re: Rogue?

If you think rogues get outdpsed on a Prot fight because of Ranger EDL quivers, I think you don't know the fight very well :lol: Ere are many reasons rogues get out dps'd at prot, I mentioned one of them. Melee dps have a distinct disadvantage, either run out of rotor blades, or self heal thru it a...

Re: Pet Tokens/ Hunter's Prizes

I got a lvl 6 golden rabbit on my rogue first off. Then I got a lvl 5 silver dog on my Druid. I currently have 5 tokens left, but I did sell about 30 for 100k ea. I'll be saving the rest, need 59 more for when my Druid hits lvl 200. I did luck out and sold a set of 95% wings from last event for 80-1...

Re: Absolute worst chest luck

LeGenDzZ wrote:
Everything wrote:The worst feeling is opening a Seasonal Chest and getting an Idol Crate. As in JUST an Idol Crate- NOTHING ELSE.

This happened to me.

Idol crate is more useful than a wisdom lix.

Not when I still have 30k ancient idols, but only 2.5k wisdom lix.

Re: Favourite Gear

ThyraUnited wrote:Full rad Es, damage jewellery , and a haste cruel dagger would interrupt most bosses skills almost constantly. We had a rogue who used on all ow pretty much. And ruled pvp but I don't count that lol ;)

Back when rogues were useful :(

Re: Rogue?

What makes rangers better on these end game bosses is their offhand dl/edl skill. Rogues cancel each other out, so share a lot of dmg from thst, Rangers get it all to themselves. Whoever can do most divine dmg wins.

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