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Re: Cooking Mastery

Extracts double your chance of making an exquisite or perfect item, so in theory also double your increase of mastery level. If your currently aiming to increase proficiency and mastery only at the moment, extracts should help increase mastery quicker. Wisdom lixes would also be greatly beneficial....

Re: Pull adds and Ks

On Taranis I think kill stealing is a sport. It seems like every clan is competing to out-Ks the other. Some players even have dedicated griefing toons. It's a pretty sad state of affairs. I'm not sure what draws those type of people to Taranis but the server is chock full of them. Uh, really? What...

Re: Taranis downs Gelebron!

This is funny as hell. Caption- "Pride kills Gelebron" Footnote- "oh yea then these other clans who supplied half the toons needed also helped" :lol: :lol: Gratz on your kill Taranis When PD or any other clan has 30+ people at the kill, instead of 6, then I'll congratulate them....

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