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Re: Ancients proposed posting guidelines

Hmmm.. Tried to take some time off to work on a couple research projects in the clinic. However, I keep getting dragged into these post. Dear Shadow, I tried many times to provide feedback but YOU continue th name calling. If anyone is to be annoyed, its me. Since the post have started, YOU have beg...

Free Sam. Mr Community

To who it may concern,
Please allow Samkahn back onto forums. He is a bit of a git but we miss his humor and insight. For everyone else who reads this, please petition for Sam to be back on forums. Thanks

Re: Crom is sowing discord on lugh through his minion aggy

Im glad you have a life, girlfriend, job etc.....nice player? All you do is call names. In your clan, apparently thats nice behavior. Hmmm...but I will use a name here, hypocrite. You say you express your opinion and get upset when some one comments. Look at ourself first there bud. Now back to the ...

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