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Re: Report an Ancient

I just want to let you and everyone else in Lugh know, that HiYo has scammed over 1.7m worth of items most likely from transfers (hes not telling me how but he has for sure scammed) and he is now on the account RogueWave. Watch out for him,

Re: Snowstorm Spirits

Ive killed 20 snowstorm spirits and got this http://i1053.photobucket.com/albums/s480/zachethy1/EA25C5B6-CD89-44C5-A060-E3691175CA64-675-000001349FA6F3F6_zpsf6550e90.jpg so you're telling me you killed stuff for like 10 minutes and you get what i've been trying to get for over 10 hours of grinding?...

Re: Snowstorm Spirits

Okay now I'm just straight up pissed off. 2200 motherfkin snowballs and no hat. I mean come on maybe after 1000 it's like a damn lot but I have 2200 of these damn things with no rare drop. Wasted hours upon hours for unfathomable all.

Re: Snowstorm Spirits

Powned xD wrote:Where i get SnowBalls ?

Ty for *FeedBack*


Gee, idk, maybe from the mob that was named in the title of the thread? That just might be it. Anyways get off the forums your posts are all useless.

Snowstorm Spirits

So.. I have a few questions about this mob. Does it drop white hats and yule clouds? and if they do then is it like 3 per server like I read? and if not then what is the drop rate because as you can see here: http://i45.tinypic.com/1zxs22e.png that's 1247 snowballs, but no hat or cloud.... update: a...

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