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Re: Dragon visits Lugh :)

RotharFromLugh wrote:Was this pic taken in the yuletide event????I never knew dragons still existed in lugh. and btw wat was the drop??? :D

yeah it was taken the day I posted the topic, and the drop was like lesser gloves and lesser bracelet or something idk, bad drops

Re: Aggs Drops need improvement.

Guffy wrote:Yeah druid and support mage are the only ones who can help at those levels, but even so it would still benefit you to have the higher end drops to level into over having a 110 book for 7 quick levels.

the next book is 130 req, and 125 focus vs 150 focus isnt much of a difference to worry about.

Re: Aggs Drops need improvement.

hmm I'm level 113 and have been in aggy groups a number of times. The 110 and 130 things are very useful and great for us lower levels as well as peoples alts. Do 110 and 130s kill aggs? No 140s and 150s do hmm i think i just said ive been in the groups killing aggy and im level 113.. read harder n...

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