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Re: Hello Lugh

Hmm i dont recall saying he was a threat but i did say that if there is any threat we protect our clan members and kill everyone around. He might not have been the threat but he was for sure around.

Re: Hello Lugh

Normally when our clan members are being attacked in the arena most of us come to their aid and basically kill everyone to let that member finish their quest or camp for their quest mob or whatever. You were probably just there at the wrong time.

Re: What is this?

sorry not letting this go unread by admin and not letting it go off track. I want a clear response saying why the hell this helmet was removed and if there are any plans for a better helmet that actually looks nice unlike the buckets we have now.

Re: Rogues Update 4

I think a rogue should be a mile ahead of other dps classes, since that's all it can be is dps. They can somewhat tank but don't last very long and if they do decide to be a tank they aren't a rogue anymore. Whereas mage can be support and dps, ranger can do heavy dps sometimes more than rogues with...

Re: What is this?

if ur a melee class n check lux u see golden bloodlust helm, and u see warmagic helm if ur a mage or druid. lol btw, why? its not like camo, because admin didnt say anything about it on forums, before its gone.. Exactly! Why did they even remove the helm from shop? It looks freakin badass, and it d...

What is this?


so this isnt a bloodlust, its a cheap remake called a golden warmagic helm... why? just why? you put a good helmet design on this crappy helmet and put a crappy helmet design on the better helmet ( gold severity) :cry: :cry:

Re: New OTM Logo?

I think all the loading screens should change to something different, maybe a bunch of different screens that change randomly each time you travle to another map, like a warrior swinging his sword on one screen, and a ranger shooting an arrow on the other, or a druid casting a skill on another, just...

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