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Re: What's after Fishing?

After fishing they will add more fishing locations, and then more rods and bait and a higher fishing level cap. Just you wait buddy the fun has just begun! And then rename the game Celtic Fishing Heroes. They'll install a rock pond in snorri pit for heroes to camp for golden shimmering fishing spot...

Re: Hastes + Game economy

The problem is that hastes are a requirement for bossing and lixing Yes, this is far more obvious than it should be. So obvious i forgot to mention it. Then why are you trying to dig into the economical situation when that's not the issue? Many players are buying plat, and many hastes are coming in...

Re: A new side to Lugh

classless dicing translates in real life to making poor people more poor than they already are. at least they used to have a chance at winning something if dicing their class now they can't anymore since there will be tons of people in big clans dicing against them. which will push them to join big...

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