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Re: Maximum DPS Output

Although I'm full time support rogue, I'd be using runic ammy, div ring, two dagger/runic rings, reaper/haste ring, a gara/skain attack or qs/sneaky recast charm and prot attack braces. Try to get dl/edl weps asap. For skills, I'd use sneaky, qs, ss, rend, poison wep. Maybe a bit of a hybrid build ...

Re: Rogue skills advice please

Quick strike Shadow strike Riposte Fast reflexes Other good skills for later on, sneaky attack, double attack, rend(sometimes). That's all you need at that level. Get enough health to survive(likely around 1.5k-2k at that level) and split the rest of your points 1:1 between str/dex. Adjust as you fe...

Re: It's time to drop the no sharing rule: an opinion piece

It's not enforced anyways so why does it matter? The only reason I could see this being enforced in this game is when it comes to the point where the players who are sharing have stolen eachother's items and are trying to get the support team to solve it. That's when account sharing is a problem. Ot...

Re: A new side to Lugh

GhostlyBlaze15 wrote:So much for vultures plan. He didn't even last a week or two outside of alliance, meaning he went inactive :roll:

Inaccurate comment by the unintelligent and uninformed; the typical Lugh player. In all, you yourselves are your problem.

Time spent was time wasted.

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