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Re: Reaper ring

reaper rings arent returning, and they are one of the best lux rings out there (for melee) so i would never sell my ring unless i turned into a caster, just because they are very useful, and there arent any rings like it.

Re: Will android players be on the same servers as ios?

it is really hard to hack ios. walking through walls and changing npc texts wasnt hard, but things like money, plat and item hacking is extremely hard. those who have succeeded are banned within several hours and there are only 1-2 cases ive heard of during the time ive played. probably gonna be the...

Re: After christmas Event

its a new event that celebrates valentines day, with no new OP lux and potions that surround you with hearts. the mounts are big carpet like things in the shape of a heart. kindof like a surf board, and a new chest called the mystery love chests where you have a chance to get 4k plat, 2 mil gold, or...

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