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Re: From Mabon

I played on that warrior in 2 days ...Lol...BTW i dont play much on him

I lvled my mage to lvl 68 on 2 days!


This is rlly a question about how goodu u r! ;')

Sey ur Damage, Helth, Lvl, Stats what u use...And YeeaH! :')

i'm only curious =P


Re: BurgerKing!

RechargeRHH wrote:Seriously Powned....if you wanna get your post count up, fine. i dont care.

But at least do it in a forum that is rarely visited, or you can also raise your post count by Pming Aileron, when you send him a pm it counts as 2 posts.


Re: Blackthorn or heroic?

Xilo wrote:God dammit Powned im reporting you. You have nothing to do with these post. Spamming isnt what the forums needs. So cut the crap or I report.

And why have i nothing to do here ? I have a mage ...*LOL*

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