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Re: Omfg accounts gone

DeadShadows wrote:I got my account back :D, im so happy, i loves support. Thanks so much!!!

TRUE? Huh!
I think u only sye this cuz ppl gonna give u stuff or smthing like that :o But idc and idk Soooooo, Whe! :c

Re: Rogue!(Question)!

pigman wrote:What's he saying? He's on my block list

Oohh let me guess, he wants us to spoonfeed him? Either that or he is trolling

Hehe, U r a Diva, u think u can do what u want and sey what u want but ....RITY***


Heeey! I'm a lvl 80 rogue! I currently using golden blade of ice, heroic ammy, heroic gloves, heroic boots and full diomond! My Damage is 587 and i have around 1.7k HP :)) I try to lvl quick and solo enemys alone! So if i gonna lvl up quick, is this good stats and gear! (trying to get full meotric t...

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