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Re: Well this stinks...

Okay soo, haha i was at swamp and trying to relog with my druid at the same time as my main, and then told therode of what was happening, and told him. He said it wouldnt happen to him since he has adsl (fast Internet) and dared him to. And he never came back, so then we killed it and what not. So t...

Re: Wat

Gromak the stonechief or one of its place holders, (krogg, minion) drops bears, not just yellow but green,red, and the rest.
As for the lion crest your in need of, pyrus the lavalord is who you need to camp and kill, and again its place holders might drop one on occasion, and of different colors.

Re: the economy of Belenus

Moon-1k Dropped by- Fellfire, Crystalmist, Chillmist, Charfire, Sun-1k Dropped by- Crumblehorn, Fellfire, Charfire, Spirehoof, Crystalmist, Chillmist, Oak-2k Dropped by- Shimmerspell, Starspell, Spirehoof, Chillmist, Crumblehorn Crown-15k Dropped by- Falgren, Brutus, Starspell, Spirehoof Elm-20k (ma...

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