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Bone armor

I was wondering what the bone armor (bone shards), quest item, boots stats skewer damage +10 actually did. Is it better to wear this armor than that of frozen boots, since frozen boots offer a little more armor

Question to my fellow druids

I am a lvl 135 druid in belenus. And was wondering which dps skill is more of use to you guys, the lighting strike or strangleing vines skill.? I have a grand ring for both and cant seem to choose which one is better than the other.


Selling: Heroic boots (4pairs) Lesser solstice bp Onyx cane Obsidian war blade, knuckleblade, splitter Master axe of lair, twisted cleaver Ymirs great sword Askolds bow Superior bow of the hawk Festive sled Diamond crystal horn Royal ring of shield bash Godly resist crush and godly magic dmg Radiant...

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