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Arcane helm of the veteran (level 100 70 magic dmg) - 170k obo Golden blade of ice- 170k obo Heroic gloves of haste- 100k obo Mail me in game or comment below if you are interested. Note- i do except items depending on their value (not accepting 7 ancient chestplates fyi like i got offered yesterday...

Re: Least resistant entities

The only other mobs besides dummies and rats I can think of are rabbits/frogs/pigs/sheep. I'm not sure about gladiators, but the benefit of those would be that you could get a warrior to shatter and a mage to lure it before you assasinate. Other then that I'm not sure. Good luck! :) if a warrior sh...

Re: Careers? Just wondering :P

Game developer/ comptuer programer... My school provides us with many opportunities where we can know about what we want to do in the future and have an understanding so we can choose subjects which follow those paths. I'm also calling a few local indie game developers to see if i can go and have wo...

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