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HI its MrN1ceGuy, currently i have a few items to sell which i hope will get me the items i would like Selling: Dragon discs x2 -offer Elm disc x1 -offer Grand cane of bats x1 -offer Golden bodkin of spirits -125k or items of equal value --------------------------------------------------------------...

Conacht shattered weapon and crookback shattered weapon

HI! Ive been having this question ALOT lately and I'm sure some others may too but what is a conacht shattered weapon? and a crookback shattered weapon... I'm sure there are many other "shattered weapons" but they seem pretty rare to me. the conacht one is obtained from a conacht shadow bl...

Re: I need warrior help

Personally i think it would be wise to focus on what style of attack you want, for DPS u should get the bodkin which means you can use those points u used for focus on strength for a higher attack rate.
for tank buy the mighty sheild of crowns, lower your strength and focus and add it on vit.

Re: Im quiting

Sorry to hear about this, but you have made a smart choie to quite and get more ahead in your life... btw what are you going to do with you accpunt? deleate it or give stuff to other players?

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