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axe drop?

Just a question, does mordris drop an axe? i was thinking of switching my warrior into an axe one because of rupture,

Re: Urgh the pain of elixing.

I have the same exact problem. When you get to the 80s, it is very hard to level. Especially when the eyes are the only thing you can train on. Well, not anymore, but back when I was trying to level before the giant update. I don't have any lux or elixirs. Imagine how hard I have it, lol. :roll: At...

Re: Lamentations of a Part-time Player

You just have to wait it out, playing an alt would be a good idea. If most of our level 170+ get dl then there wont be such a high competition and this will mean you can get your items then. I think the current deploying of dl boss items is fair the only problem is that we have too many high levels ...

Re: Merry "christmas" not "xmas"

The reasoning behind why people say that xmas is not good is because it is taking the Christ out of Christmas. I don't remember x being a symbol of Christianity but I know a fish was and a cross is. But if you look at it from that point of view as I kind of do, it kinda does push atheism because it...

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