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Re: Druid Group XP

I agree lies. I've dual leveled from about 120 and always gotten exactly the same xp. Unless you use hero vs super lix of course but that would only be 25% more.

Re: Do any other druids have difficulty finding lvling group

When I was your level I couldn't find ANYONE to level with.. it got so bad I decided to level my rogue alt and level him with the druid! Just keep going, trying to find people. Join a clan and level with people 170 and lower. Until 130 when soloing is a decent option, you just got to grit your teet...

Re: It's Been A Long Time

I don't even think that Jah can even get a full group of DPS... And DPS are Rangers Rogues and mages if you didnt know We for sure can get a full dps group fairly easily. We have gotten our fair share of DL bosses this week as you know. Thanks for the help on 170 earlier :) Though all on at the sam...

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