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Re: Ridiculous Fluctuation

Criminal wrote:A lil idea :

If resists of mobs and bosses would be reduced, and a negative resist would be added then, if 0% resist is between 50% to 100% dmg, then negative resist would increase the minimum dmg (no need to increase the maximum dmg).


Re: Meteoric Weapon Quest

Submit a support ticket. They will erase the quest and you can start the new one. It might take a couple of tries, it did for me. The new quest almost always has the mobs up that you need as long as you have friends that can help you kill. The old wisps I still see on occasion but seems like they ar...

Re: how equip

You need an offhand weapon. Either a shield or offhand weapon. They have a 'slot' off offhand. You can not equip two 'slot: mainhand'. One has to be slot: mainhand and the other slot: offhand.

Re: World Transfer

Until... someone kills you and takes Killian :3 It has been very close to happening, and yes it makes me grumpy but I'm still not going to kill people. I'm just not a PvPer. I'm not mad at anyone that is. I can see the draw. That same person, one of the most hated in the arena, I then later helped ...

Re: World Transfer

*sigh... Learn all the facts before u post plz. Actually before we screwed up Necro, they had been screwing w us for a good amount of time (ex. pulling and killing mobs when we were obsiously trying to do the opposite, etc.) so we decided to get back at them in a way and not let them kill necro. So...

Re: World Transfer

What level is required for transcendent? Been lvling a rogue here, looking to go endgame. My man, Trans is one of the best clans you can be in. Being biased here since I love the clan, but you need to be 80+ to get into Trans, and 160+ for Ret. Already 83 (lol) who do i talk to? Apply here but you ...

Re: World Transfer

MisterWiskers wrote:
Armo wrote:So if Retribution and Soldiersofjah are the top conflicting clans, then who is Transcendent?

Just basing that off Online Rankings, makes me curious.

From what Ive heard, Transcendent is Retributions alt/feeder clan.

That is correct

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