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Re: Mortals Shop

:cry: fine you want me to mail the money first? if you scam i will i hunt you down and rip your face off and then shove it back down your throat <--kinda graphic but you get the point oops wait the item was no-trade anyways... Well I didn't notice it was no trade until i was about to mail it :| gosh

Mortals Shop

Selling: Stuff: Diamond mage top/bottoms/and wand - offer Pink Pirate Set- 35k Fairie Diamond - offer Diamond boar tusk - offer (Offer) Rems: Warrior: 2 red earth 2 Red Rock Mage: 1 Blue Rock 1 Blue Earth Rogue: 4 Black Earth Ranger: 2 Yellow Earth 1 Yellow Rock 2 Yellow Metal 2 Yellow Stars Druid:...

Re: Patch today 17/05/2013

Um... Iceblast didn't change. It still is at like half damage. Hi there, we've checked and it's definitely been changed in this patch. Before today's patch it did less damage than ice shards with the same skill points, now after today's patch it does more damage. Ya same here NerfMage, my ice blast...

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