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Re: 2x and 4x Gold??

Rebirth wrote:There's no point... Why spend gold(or platinum, which = gold anyways) on gold elixers?

Yah i see what you mean, but it's just a small idea. Probably would get brushed up and fixed if this actually would be added.

2x and 4x Gold??

I have a cool idea. Since it takes a while farming for gold so u can buy some stuff, how about adding 2x and 4x Gold potions and elixirs? It would make farming a little bit more fast and exciting. Including 5x Gold elixirs in the maclirs chest. Any of you agree? :D

Re: Mortals Shop

Deathreaver wrote:im not angry...i was gonna save it for alt XD

Ahh, again sorry man. Didn't been to cause any trouble.

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