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Re: Alphachicken come back. C:

Much appreciated Chelsea but I'm busy with life I barely keep up with my accounts. If I find some time see if someone will transfer a reaper ring and 1m gold to here. Sorry Then try to find someone just dun stand there and do nothing. :P I work eight hours a day and I always find time. :P Plus its ...

Alphachicken come back. C:

You do realize all the so called people you "hate" are gone now, right? o: I am trying to be nice here but at the same time, after two years come back so you can change your opinion about a quickly evolving world. 0.o We even have some wars time to time or we use to. 0: If you got a :secre...

Re: Price Check

He did not get along with many of the players of Epona so he world hops now. :p

I personally want him to try again. 0:

Re: Ranger Vs Rogue!

Well have fun with your ranger but that doesn't make more mages and rangers play. Either you buff their skills aka fix or ranger and nave class always always stay low population. Simple as that. We need more rangers and mages and only way they will play them is if its fun to play. Undebateable.

Re: Price Check

Hey Double L! Remember me? It's Kyanos! How's college been man? It's been a while since I've been on CH so I can't really help you with those prices. Sorry. :| Yeah been a while so start playing again foo! 0: Cup cakes 500-1k each? up to terqu is red 3k orange 3k green 5k purple 15k pink 8k blue 30...

Re: Ranger Vs Rogue!

By the way I am a low level ranger 172 full DL BUT I have talked to other high level rangers and have been told the same thing. Also, you told us earlier that we are too low to understand but did we say this whole topic was on end-game rangers and rogues? No we meant low and high levels, so what cou...

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