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Re: Hello

Lidon wrote:too many lazy bums that want gear for no work.

isnt that how it works? :lol:

Re: Hello

I'm going to have to agree with Skenkee on that one. Most have moved on. I believe its been progressively increasing over the past year or so

YOUR reason to play

I havent played in quite some time but im still curious on the reasoning behind continuing to play CH. Im not knocking on CH, love the game but life got busy and etc etc.

So I would love to know the reasoning behind why YOU play this game?

Thanks for your thoughts and replies

Re: Keep boe.

Hmm, this could possibly work... If the item was clan-bound to the chief? Or if it was clan-bound to the clan of most officers? Or group-bound to all parties that participated in the boss fight (larger raid groups may be needed)? However this would be an improvement, I still would prefer that BoE i...

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