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Re: Fashion value

My favourite colour is blue but I like rare things regardless of who decided to make it rare but it's been in the game so long you can't/shouldn't really change it even though otm has tried during different events.. The colors really give it a place in the market. A set price is usually dependent o...

Re: Fastest Snorri Kill Record

I would like to see the same people for a Gelebron raid to all go to a Snorri Main and see how fast they can kill :) Don't think 30-40 characters are going to log for a snorri 6* kill when: 1) it's a heavily fought over boss that would probably be locked/dead by the time they all got there. 2) it c...

Re: Signature

no idea.. jk user control panel and it should kind of explain itself from there
Not sure on mobile ive done it via pc

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