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Selling Aggragoth Weapons

----//SPIRITCALLER BRACELETE OF STAVERS\\--- Slot: Wrist Level Requ: 120 VITALITY: +75 SPRING OF LIFE SKILL LEVEL: +5 Class: DRUID Price: Best offer ----//DARK TRIDENT OF ZEAL\\---- (Main Hand Black Trident) Level req: 110 Piercing Damagge: 100 Level Requ: 110 VITALITY: +25 SPEAR: +100 Class: ALL Pr...

Re: Epona's SuperMarket

Hi all. In game I am Alos. Class: (Druid) Clan: PandeMoanium €€€€ I WANT BUY €€€€ ¡¡¡ Grand and Greater Bone Shields !!! Rest. Idols (I buy 100 or 200 make me a good price i will buy more) SuperKnow. Elixirs 2.5K or 3k for each Elix Royal Royal Nature Touch Ring Royal Ring of Hollowing Wing Aggragot...

Epona's SuperMarket

¡¡¡READ BEFORE POST!!! ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡DON'T REPLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN POST HERE ALL YOU WANT TO SELL, OR TO TRADE, Please only good list Dont make a reply for find one item only. DONT TALK here This post is for trade and sell items Look for the player in Celtic Heroes App (GAME) or game mail or send...

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