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Item trades

I am Alos, druid. You can mail me in game to ALOS (lvl196 druid) or find me. I trade theese items.
I can acept Ancient Idols, gold, experience elixirs, energy elixirs, love elixirs...

Re: Dating

Asterix_the_gaul wrote:Will you marry me?

Sorry couldn't resist.

I will :)
Sorry i cant resist you


Hi all I am trading this items for druid items Like charms, braceletes, rings, amulets I dond mind if i need it
I am Alos in game U can mail your offer or writte here or say me in game Have fun.

Re: What ever happened to Clan Xxxxx ?

Wow i still remember illusionist it was my first clan Kiara Felices .... I learned all i had to learn in this clan :p Be nice with lower levels, be nice with all clans... Try get a dinner with Kiaara hahahha Help to everybody dont mind who is. Fullcircle was the chieftain i think. Damn how hell i le...


$$$$ Items for sale $$$$ ---------// DROPS\\-------------- ROYAL HELM OF ATHACHS WISDOM Slot: Head Level Req: 160 NATURES TOUCH Skill Level: +6 STRANGLING VINES Skill Level: +6 HOWLING VINES Skill Level: +6 Class: Druida GREATER FROSTBOOTS OF NATURE SKILL Slot: Feet Level Req: 130 Defense: +250 NAT...

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