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Re: Is crafting coming ?

When it does finally come, and i mean real crafting not cooking food or catching fish so an npc can cook food for you, it had better be good. I want to combine two rings, or combine a ring and armor or weapon. I want to grind up diamonds to make my weapon sharper, or melt ignots to make my armor thi...

Re: Monolith Event

Focus on new stuff otm. Bosses from three years ago arnt worth the waste. Next event should be a yule one with new bosses and lux or the corrupted gardens. I dont even want to see snow. All your programming time needs to be on new content.

Re: Need OTM answer

Not sure Muldar or myself could really speak to the messaging of the team in 2011. We can be more careful with the wording in the future and/or bringing items back. I've seen this is quite the debate amongst the community. I understand why those that worked hard to originally obtain these items wou...

Re: Conspiracy theory - Lag allowed to persist through the weekend

Any chance this lag is due to some sort of ddos attack or similar attacks? The lag always creeps in at around 4:30-6:00 pm new york time, a time that many are off work and just sitting around doing whatever intrests them. I can definitely see a few ex players with adequate resources doing this.

Re: Increasing quest weapon stats

I think the level req is fine but i think the stas do need increased or changed the big issues are warrior swords (no one uses them) and mage sub dl armor (gives elemetal mele damage so small even a full dps mage sees no difference). What should be done is crafting. The ability to upgrade or change ...

Re: Wedding

Thx everyone! Sorry but no cake left. Was too soft and delicious, everyone wanted to take some home. The top may not even make it to our anniversery!

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