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Re: Testing The Famous Low Level Chest Opening Rumor!(100x2 chests)

The price in plat per item in the store is as broke as just about everything else is in ch. Otm or vr or whatever they call themselves now should be ashamed of $100 for 500k gold! The store needs updated or the bosses need changed so they dont require the number of ppl needed to kill without plat. I...

Re: Developer Diary: Unity 2018

Well,when you guys doget working on the new engine, i have an idea. Make a seperate 'game within a game' tab on the log in screen and make the 'game within a game' be the original celtic heroes. No lux, no store, original castle, lirs, crookback and dust. Nothing above thehammered redclaw type armor...

Re: Tadaaah Lead Us!

Just saying, one thumb mobile is a much better name than virtual realms. May just be the familiatity of it but it sounds more professional. Even the abbrieviation is better, i mean ‘otm’ makes me think of a business while ‘vr’ makes me think of crappy 90s graphics à la the lawnmower man. (Yes im old)

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